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In the social media age brands increasingly need an endless supply of content showcasing their products. And with platforms moving increasingly towards video, we can help create this product video content. 
With prices starting from £800 (excl VAT).

Recut offers a one-stop solution for your product videography needs. And we can work with a range of budgets to help maximize the amount of content we can create - depending on your brand's purposes and needs.

Every suggestion we make or piece of content we create is aimed at helping achieve the brand's goals.  

How does it work? 
We can work in a number of ways to suit your needs. Whether it's product shoots in our in-house product videography and photography space. To large ticket items, in a much larger studio set up. 

We can even travel to you. 

How much does it cost?

The price of a video really does depend on what you require and we create a tailored package for each of our clients. However, for something shot entirely in our in-house product videography space, prices start from £1000 (Excl VAT), with monthly content packages starting from £800 (Excl VAT). Usually, this gives our clients between 8-12 pieces of content. 

Want to find out more? Hit us up and we can chat about how we can help your brand!


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