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Branded content is a BIG phrase. What this means in terms of video production is helping you create content that puts your brand out there. And we can do that!

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Our small but committed team has worked extensively across projects that have looked to really place a brand or organisation out there in a more subtle and less invasive way.

Creating videos and films people want to watch and engage with. We aren’t looking to push products in their faces but rather create interesting story-led video content that really engages with the viewer. This kind of film really helping increase brand awareness and engagement.

Our first step in this kind of video production is to sit down with you (in person or over a video call) and learn about your brand. What are your brand values and how can we create a project that brings them to life?

After this, we work collaboratively with your brand or organisation to really shape and create a creative you feel represents you. It could be a micro-documentary or a fun and entertaining series of films. Anything you think of we are up for the challenge.

This process can take a few weeks (yes, we have really gone from the drawing board to a full film in a few weeks!) to months depending on your aims and goals.

And at The Recut Collective, your organisation's goals and aims are at the core of everything we do. We are always focused on how your content can really reach and connect with your target audience member.

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