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The term “corporate film” covers a huge number of possibilities. It could be a promotional video for a business or a piece of internal communication. Even an end-of-year statement to be shown to stakeholders.

But these films also don’t need to be stale and boring. At the Recut Collective, we are all about creating dynamic and engaging films for the audience, no matter the content! So, we can help you work out the best way to present your content to your audience. Be that using animation or more traditional video. Utilising a whole range of techniques to help create the best images possible. We are natural-born filmmakers, and ready to embrace any challenge possible.

We can be involved in the process of concept to creation as much as you need. From helping shape the brief, to simply executing it. We have even worked extensively editing pre-existing footage down into something more usable.

So if you have a project Get in touch!

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