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Attracting the best talent is hard. We can help. With vast experience working on projects with the aim to recruit in different sectors (from Engineering to Sport), we can help you shape a creative which appeals to your target demographics.

Recruitment Film production is a great tool in the arsenal to attract new talent and build an authentic relationship with your target audience. Being able to achieve emotional highs in new and engaging ways as opposed to simple copy.

From day one your aims are our aims. We can be as involved in the creative as you need us to be. Want ideas? We have tons! Have one you love and know will work for your brand? We can be that sounding board you need to make sure your Recruitment Video sings!

We won’t be scared to challenge your thinking or question our own. You know your brand best and we are here to help show what a wonderful place your business is to work at.

From here we can go through production to post to create your finished films. Optimising them for different social media channels and advising what we have found to be successful in the past for other leading brands. Our team has previously worked on films for Career fairs, to be played in schools, and for social media. All looking to reach the next generation of talent.

So if you have an idea for a project let us know, as we would love to help!

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