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Why Video Content is Important to Your Brand

Video content is now one of the most popular forms of distributing information online. Whether it’s a brand trying to reach out to an audience about a new project, or a business looking to utilise recruitment films to attract new talent; its everywhere! And if you or your business, no matter how big or small, isn’t utilising this, you’re already behind the curve.

Why Video content?

Video content helps a brand communicate to a viewer more efficiently. It can build trust, catch the eye of a colder audience, build brand recognition and so much more!

But how impactful will it be? Well, all the stats would say VERY. Brands using video see more success in winning and attracting new customers to their products and services.

66% of people have said they would rather watch a video to learn about a project. Compared to 18% who said they would rather read text copy (

Whilst a Cisco white paper estimates that around 82% of IP traffic (both Business and Consumer) would be video IP traffic by 2022.

And video content brings with it an incredible potential R.O.I too. With 91% of Businesses claiming to have landed customers through social media video.

And Recut has found similar results with our clients. With video proving by far more engaging for their prospective audiences. And having a greater impact than previously used text copy.

Where to start with video and how can we help?

Well, the first step is to start. At recut we aren’t an agency which takes an approach that content and film is sacred. And in all honesty not all businesses need a professional, clean cut, creative video to work for them. Sometimes, simply popping out your iPhone (other phones are available) will be more than enough for your requirements.

In Which case, the best place to start is there. Work out what you want to say, how you want to say it, and grab your phone and start talking to camera. (Just don’t use a selfie stick, NO ONE likes a selfie stick!) But what if you need something more polished? If you are competing in a market where you want to appear as streamlined and professional as possible? Or if you are looking to capture some stunning images of your products? Or if you have that iPhone footage but now need help elevating it in the edit? Well, we can help.

The first thing we do is sit down with a brand and work out exactly what they want to communicate through video content. We take a bit of time to really understand the brand and what it’s all about. We want to understand your values so we can create video content that stands out to a crowd in a way that really reflects the organisation we are working for. From there we can either create a creative for you, or work with you on a pre-existing one, and take your organisations video production through from production all the way to the Edit and then delivery. Sounds simple right? We’ve taken this same approach with all our clients, be it big or small. From creating a full-scale series of campaign films; too much smaller simple animated projects, or projects where we are just working to bring it to life in the edit. Have something in mind? Then reach out and see if we are the right business to work with you to bring your video/ film to life!


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