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TIAH is a relatively young organisation with a real focus on encouraging people across the country to pursue a career in agriculture. We helped them, from creative to creation, to create a series of stunning case study films to work across different platforms, for their multichannel approach.

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We have so far created multiple films for TIAH, ranging from longer case study films to smaller social spots. With each film is adapted to work for a range of audiences. From teenagers sitting in a career talk to those looking for a dramatic but exciting career change. Our approach is story-focused. We didn’t just want to create films that listed why agriculture is such a great industry to work in; but rather inspire through personal stories to really engage with people looking to jump into some overalls and work in an exciting and varied industry. Ultimately, the outcome has been brilliant, with the films landing well and working across different channels, with one day of filming providing us with enough footage to create various assets for different target audiences.

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