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The Values We Live By

What The Recut Collective is all about

Everyone will have worked in that Business where they have a list of generic Brand Values awkwardly sitting on a wall at the back of a dimly lit office. More often than not, utilising the words “Family” and “community” more than they should. When we started Recut, our small team of full time and freelance talent got together to decide what we wanted this company to stand for. We’ve worked for the past iteration of the “family” oriented business. Where the kids only ever seem to be the ones asked to make sacrifices. For Long hours and little given back in return.

We didn’t want it to be like this. Don’t get us wrong, as a company working to create outstanding video content, we understand there are always going to be times when long days and late nights will come into play. We love telling stories and making great films and videos for the variety of brands and organisations we work with. But we also love correct planning, creating appropriate time scales, and an approach to video production that puts people first. With this in mind, we decided on four simple values. Each one chosen to help keep our team focused on what working at Recut means.

Push boundaries and break old limits

- We don’t believe in making the same film again and again. Always push for the creative option. Push the brief to give the most creative and best outcomes for the client and the team. Filmmaking is all about creativity.

Integrity first

- To be honest to both our staff and our clients. With Timelines, budgets, and deliverables.

- To treat all members of the team with respect and dignity.


- You can learn something from everyone. No one should have to stay quiet for hierarchy. We want to encourage open debate, and so all opinions from all sources matter. From a production runner to a seasoned producer, we welcome ideas and input from all.

People Before Profit

- To put the well-being of Staff (both freelance and full time) and the wider community first. We still want to run a profitable business but one where people’s wellbeing is at the heart of what we do.

Why should a brand work with us?

Well, we believe that these values are truly what sets us apart. We care about the people we work with and the people who we work for. We aren’t here to simply make as much money as possible from our clients. We are here to make some lovely film and video content. Treating all productions, both big and small, with an approach that embraces innovation whilst respecting all involved.

These values are interlaced into our production’s. With these values placed at the front and centre of each stage of the creative process. So, from the initial meeting with a client, we are immediately on the front foot thinking of how we can innovate. Making sure we have honest, and integrity driven conversations about their own aims and ambitions, and how we can help them achieve them.

From here, we place our own expertise alongside yours. We are the video and film experts, but you are the expert of your brand. Our no Ego approach means we utilise your expertise, we don’t fight against it. If you have a project, we’d love to chat with you about how we feel we can innovate with you and bring it to life.


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